Don’t let the colder temperatures keep you from finding a great deal this winter.

Typically, we see a lot of buyers wait until the spring and summer months to find their new home. Waiting for school to let out, and warmer temperatures play a major role in this trend but if you have the flexibility to make a move in the winter, do it!

1. Sellers are Motivated: If a seller is selling during the off season, in the winter, it’s for a reason. Whether it’s because they are relocating, maybe their family growing and the need a bigger home…whatever the reason, this frequently helps price negotiation to tip in the buyers favor.

2. Home Affordability: Year over year, winter months show that home prices are at an annual low during this time of year according to the National Association of Realtors. While inventory is bound to be lower, at least  you know the available homes are a good deal.

3. Minimal Competition: In Denver’s red hot real estate market, any edge up on the competition is highly welcome. During the winter months, fewer people are looking for homes which increases the chances of your offer being accepted. Bidding wars have become all too familiar in Denver. Avoid them! Buy in the winter!

4. Winter Wear: The beauty of walking through a home in the winter is that you get to see how well the furnace or boiler heats the home. You’ll be able to feel any drafts, see how well the windows insulate the home etc. It’s nice to experience a functioning furnace over a home’s curb appeal.

5. Agent Availability: With fewer buyers looking during the winter months, real estate agents have more availability to schedule showings at times that work for you. In the busier spring and summer months, the increase in buyers makes scheduling showings a bit more challenging.

Infographic on 5 reasons to buy a home in the winter.


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