Lisa Lessard

Your preferred home loan specialist in Colorado.

This is My Story

I began working in the mortgage industry in 1992. My mother had been working at Universal Lending and encouraged me to join this ever changing industry. After years of working in another field, I had had enough and finally listened to my mother and have been with Universal Lending ever since. I wasn’t always a Mortgage Originator. Initially, I learned files from the inside out as a Processor. After a few years, I was ready for the shift from Processor to Mortgage Originator.

Lisa Lessard of Banner MortgageAfter some time, I realized I wanted to begin my own branch under the Universal Lending umbrella, and so I started Banner Mortgage. With my own branch, I’ve been able to guide the direction of personalized service that often suffers in larger corporations. My experience as a Processor helped me to become thorough as Loan Officer, which ultimately saves my clients and their Realtors time and money. Getting it right the first time, and fully comprehending a borrower’s financials fully ensures I can provide the quality and care to each person I serve. It’s important to me to give the highest quality of service, and a be a wealth of knowledge to my borrowers to answer all of their questions. So that’s my story!