Lisa Lessard and Banner Mortgage believe in giving back to the community. Banner Mortgage is committed to donating back through free educational courses, donations and volunteer opportunities when possible. Banner Mortgage didn’t pop up overnight. We are established in the community, and our neighbors know who we are. We care about Colorado, and we care about doing our part to give back.

Below is a thank you video we received along with this letter:

Welcome to the Mile High United Way family! Thank you for helping individuals and families be self-sufficient.

Together with 29,000+ individuals, 785 corporations and 30 foundation/government supporters of Mile High United Way, you are collectively contributing $34 million and 128,000 hours of community service this year. We are honored to count you as an investor who believes in our mission of uniting people, ideas and resources to advance the common good. Thank you!

This is the first of three emails aimed at demonstrating the impact of your support and how you help individuals and families progress toward economic stability.

Thank you!
The Team at Mile High United Way

Other Non Profits that Banner Mortgage currently contributes to include:

Universal Lending Foundation

Denvers Road Home

Ronald McDonald House

Elizabeth High School Rodeo

Elizabeth Sports Programs

Elizabeth Fire and Police

Mile High United Way



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